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A Shared Commitment
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Subcontractor and Supplier Partners

At Stuart Olson, our success as an organization is the result of team work on every level and that includes the valuable contributions we receive from our many subcontractors and suppliers. Our subcontractor and supplier partners bring a wealth of expertise and experience to each of our projects and a shared commitment to excellence and customer service. 

We value the professional and personal relationships we have built with our subcontractor and supplier partners over the years and are committed to doing everything possible to strengthen and expand those relationships in the future. We are also interested in forging new and productive relationships with other like-minded subcontractors and suppliers in all regions that we operate across Canada.  

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Prequalification and Procurement

We recognize that our success is contingent on aligning ourselves with subcontractors or suppliers that have the relevant experience, financial resources and technical expertise to successfully deliver results that are necessary to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. Therefore, in order to ensure that we are selecting the most competent and qualified subcontracting and supplier partners, all subcontractors or suppliers bidding on work that is equal to or greater than $100,000 are encouraged to initiate the prequalification process at the time of tendering on any Stuart Olson projects.


Prequalification Forms

The following documentation is required in order to initiate the prequalification process.

Subcontractor Qualification Application

Bank Reference

Surety Reference

Procurement Contracts

All subcontractors and suppliers that are contracted to work with Stuart Olson are required to comply with the minimum insurance requirements outlined in the following documents.

Insurance Requirements

Sample Certificate of Insurance

Health, Safety & Environmental and Quality Control Programs

Health, Safety & Environmental Program

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management is a core value of our company, guiding everything we do. All Stuart Olson employees are actively engaged in HSE training programs year-round, with our executive members leading by example by actively chairing committees, events and the creation of policy and expectations. And our internal compliance is rigorous. As an organization, we are passionate about safety and the wellbeing of our clients, our employees, their families and our communities.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program

Our stringent quality management procedures means that our clients’ needs and requirements are met or exceeded with every project. This includes meeting or exceeding all regulatory standards and requirements. We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards and quality across our organization. Our name is built on a culture of accountability and excellence to deliver on our promises, promote transparency and reinforce the value of partnership with every single one of our stakeholders.

Buildings Group Estimators

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