Public Sector
Working in partnership with all levels of government is a tradition and a privilege at Stuart Olson. Whether it’s a hospital renovation, a university library or new cultural centre, it’s about earning the public’s trust and the sense of pride that comes from enhancing Canadian communities.
Respecting taxpayer dollars, fiercely adhering to schedules and creating a collaborative process that works in support of public sector standards. That’s what it’s all about. To do it right requires an experienced team to navigate the complex processes and manage the often competing priorities of a multi-stakeholder environment. Delivering best case results through a seamless and positive client experience. An experience enhanced through absolute transparency, accountability and open communication.
Powerful and lasting solutions come naturally when people work together, inspired by a shared vision of success.

we areStuart Olson. People creating exceptional communities.


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As a leader in the construction of state-of-the-art health care facilities, we understand the complexities of a changing industry and the realities of delivering quality care.

We’re proud to have played a major role in the construction of some of the most technologically advanced health care facilities in North America, including research laboratories, acute and long-term care facilities and hospital renovations of all sizes. Our integrated and inclusive approach utilizes the expertise of the entire project team and relies on collaboration with frontline health care professionals throughout the process.

we areStuart Olson. People improving the health care of all Canadians.

“Stuart Olson has demonstrated strong construction management skill sets. They provided representatives that were capable of dealing with complex issues that involved complex teams.”
Ted Haggart, Project Manager
Royal Alexandra Hospital | Royal Alexandra Hospital – Orthopedic Surgery Centre


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A quality education creates a foundation that lasts a lifetime. It opens doors to personal opportunity and growth and strengthens entire communities.

We also believe that quality environments enhance learning. Whether it’s a new middle school or a university laboratory, the classroom is where lives are changed. Having successfully managed the new construction and renovation of K-12 and post-secondary schools across Canada, we understand education and are passionate about creating exceptional environments. We believe in the power of education because we believe in people.

we areStuart Olson. People improving the quality of education.

“Stuart Olson means “no worries.” The outstanding finished product exemplifies Stuart Olson’s attention to detail, respect for the design intent and the cooperation of a happy crew.”
Bill Nelson, Development Manager
Simon Fraser Campus Planning and Development | Simon Fraser Technology and Science Centre – 1 & 2


How we spend our leisure hours shapes and defines us. Sports and recreation facilities provide opportunities for people of all ages to improve health and challenge abilities.

To optimize a project’s potential, it’s important to hire the right team. One that understands the complexities of this unique sector. As a leader in the field, we’ve successfully completed a range of projects from world class Olympic venues and stadiums to community centres. Places where local teams are supported and future gold medalists are made. We’re passionate about growing potential and strengthening communities.

we areStuart Olson. People shaping lives and energizing communities.

“Stuart Olson would be my first choice for Construction Management because of their team approach, concern for the environment and attention to quality and detail.”
Don Brewster, Facilities Supervisor
Town of Banff | Fenlands Banff Recreation Centre


Arts and Culture
The availability of Arts and Culture make a community more interesting and livable. Engaging its people and expanding its horizons. Connecting it to the possible.

Whether it’s a new Centre for Performing Arts or a renovated gallery, we are inspired when we’re able to add life to the communities we serve. Our unique way of doing business has provided opportunities to work creatively with communities across Canada. In the world of Arts and Culture, listening to all sides is essential. We pride ourselves on being good listeners and outstanding partners.

we areStuart Olson. People opening minds and enriching lives.

“I have found Stuart Olson to be an outstanding example of a company committed to safety. Their active promotion of safety is the foundation of an extremely successful safety culture.”
Sean Scott, Executive Director
Construction Safety Association of Manitoba | General – Misc Projects


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Cities are experienced through the structures they build. Structures that are both functional and inspiring and create long-term value for the community.

Whether it’s a new government building, an airport terminal or a modern remand centre, civic construction is about maintenance, restoration and growth. Our collaborative approach to service enables us to work with all stakeholders to achieve consensus, solutions and best case results. We believe in building vibrant and accessible communities that meet the needs of the public in a responsible and imaginative way.

we areStuart Olson. People bringing out the very best in communities.

“My belief is any organization is only as good as its people, and Stuart Olson does a tremendous job of recruiting great people… without Stuart Olson we would not have the facility we have.”
Jeff Bereza, City Councillor
City of Portage la Prairie | Portage Credit Union Centre


Quality transportation is the keystone for a functional and dynamic community. It enables people to connect and products to move efficiently and reliably.

Effective transportation keeps economies vibrant in an increasingly competitive world. Whether it’s the construction of a new LRT station or a highway expansion, Stuart Olson has a long history of keeping communities moving. Our streamlined, single source methods allow us to get things done by addressing complex needs resourcefully, directly and economically. A healthy transportation system is the backbone of every community.

we areStuart Olson. People connecting communities.

“The City, the consultant and your organization have worked together in an extremely collaborative manner to produce two high-quality projects on time, well within budget.”
David Price, Manager Facilities Construction
Transportation Infrastructure, City of Calgary | West LRT