A career at Stuart Olson is much more than a job.

When you say yes to Stuart Olson, you become part of an organization with a rich history of success and a valued member of a large and engaged team.
By joining one of Canada’s leading construction and industrial services companies, you are also saying yes to a future filled with challenge and growth. At Stuart Olson, we do things a bit differently. We believe that collaboration, integrity and open communication are essential to our success. We also believe that happy and healthy employees bring a more positive attitude to the workplace and to the relationships that are so important to our success. At Stuart Olson, we believe that people matter and that the journey is just as important as the destination.
Join Our Team
We invite you to join the Stuart Olson team and say yes to a dynamic and exciting future. We offer comprehensive and competitive compensation packages that provide all the essentials and more. A career at Stuart Olson will open doors to new and exciting opportunities.

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Programs to Support Employees

Stuart Olson is proud to provide comprehensive and flexible Benefits and Retirement Savings Programs to meet a wide range of choices for salaried employees and their families.
Our Benefits Program is comprised of Core and Optional (Flex) Coverage components. Core Coverage is provided to salaried employees and fully paid by the company (with the exception of Long Term Disability, which is paid by the employee). Our Optional (Flex) Coverage allows those wishing to enhance their Core Coverage and for those with special circumstances to do so, to ensure their needs are met. To assist salaried employees with any additional coverage costs, company issued flex credits may be applied (employee payroll deductions will be required to meet costs not covered by flex credits).

Our salaried employee Retirement Savings Program includes a Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan(GRSP) and Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP), both with Stuart Olson matching contributions and no vesting period.

Health and Wellness

Building a healthy organization and community!
At Stuart Olson, we mean it when we say that our people are our most valuable resource. Our continued success as an organization is dependent upon the energy, talents and dedication of every member of the Stuart Olson team. That’s why we’re so committed to building and sustaining a culture dedicated to the health and wellness of Stuart Olson employees and their families.
A natural extension of the Stuart Olson Promise, our Health & Wellness Program offers a variety of initiatives specifically designed to support the mental, physical and dietary well-being of every member of the team. Simply put, we believe that happy and healthy employees are the foundation for a strong, sustainable organization and a more vital community. Our employees and their families will always be our most important resource. After all…together we’re more than just a team, we’re a community!

3 employees at a wellness event
A group of employees playing floor hockey
2 employees at a wellness event
Two employees wearing at a wellness event