Private Sector
We are inspired by the opportunity to enhance potential and make a lasting impact. It’s in our DNA and defines our approach to business. It’s about creating value through efficiencies, innovation and teamwork. Whether it’s a new LEED® office building, complex renovation or a multi-unit residential community, we are motivated by the opportunity to build success.
Shaping the future of our cities and communities is a privilege and a responsibility. It’s a matter of pride, but also a deep respect for our client’s investment and vision of success. The time, dollars and energy invested in every new venture and the passion to see a concept come to life. Working together with clients, consultants and designers as a unified team defines our approach. As an organization, we believe in a dynamic and inclusive process that encourages input from all stakeholders from start to completion. It’s our way of doing business and the foundation for all we do.
Powerful and lasting solutions come naturally when people work together, inspired by a shared vision of success.

we arePeople building legacy.


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Westmount Corporate Campus Westmount Corporate Campus
The office building has become much more than space. It has evolved into a thinking, responsive partner in an organization’s ability to perform and succeed.

The workplace has become a connected platform for performance. A place that inspires people and empowers organizations. Having completed over 100 office projects across Canada, we understand the dynamics of the modern workplace. Our collaborative and solutions-based approach targets best case results for our clients. As the workplace continues to evolve, so will design and construction opportunities surrounding performance, sustainability and technology.

we areStuart Olson. People creating space for tomorrow.

“Their positive approach to resolving construction issues was very instrumental in keeping the construction schedule on track. Their ability to mitigate delays was admirable.”
Renato Bordignon, Development Construction Manager
Triovest Realty Advisors (BC) Inc. | Willingdon Business Park


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The Canadian retail experience is changing. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their knowledge and expectations. And more demanding of the retail experience on all levels.

We understand the business of retail and the challenges of the retailer. We engage all stakeholders in our process. A collaborative relationship that welcomes ideas and targets results. In the competitive world of retail, it’s important that environments be attractive, engaging and functional. From shopping centres, to big box, to urban retail, we do it all. Having the right retail team is essential.

we areStuart Olson. People enhancing the retail experience.

“Your knowledge of systems and materials offered the designers and ourselves the opportunity to review economical choices to various portions of the project, and was instrumental in bringing the project on budget.”
Stanley Kwok, President
Stanley Kwok Consultants | The Crystal Mall & Hilton


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The hospitality industry has transformed itself beyond the hotel suite. Expanding offerings to include gaming, fine dining, health and wellness, and entertainment of all kinds.

Today’s travelers expect and demand more. When it comes to understanding the hospitality business, there is no company more experienced than Stuart Olson. Having built over 4,000 new rooms across Canada and managed historic landmark renovations, our unmatched experience and innovative solutions have made us a recognized leader in the industry. We create memorable environments for guests and lasting value for investors.

we areStuart Olson. People who believe in hospitality.

“Construction Manager for the fire restoration of the Delta Hotel…Stuart Olson quickly mobilized. Stuart Olson’s team has been both an asset and a pleasure to work with.”
Mark Solomon, Senior Project Manager
CB Richard Ellis | Delta Hotel Fire Restoration


Residential Building
Today, people are looking for a more diverse and dynamic residential experience that is multi-faceted in its offerings and connected to the world around them.

Whether it’s a multi-family residential complex or a mixed-use urban redevelopment, we are in the business of building neighbourhoods. Over the last decade, we’ve built millions of square feet of living space in communities throughout Canada. Our process is collaborative and highly effective. And our knowledge of sustainable systems and materials enables us to create environments that are as efficient as they are livable.

we areStuart Olson. People building life into every home.

“From the moment Stuart Olson was engaged their team …showed a willingness to work with the owner. The pride of workmanship… make this development a stand out.”
James Patillo, Senior Vice President & General Manager
Grosvenor Canada Limited | 5955 Balsam


Trucks at a loading dock
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Our commitment to schedules, budgets and safety has enabled us to achieve best case results for our clients.

Light Industrial
The light industrial sector is critically important. Our experience in multi-use facilities, refrigerated docks and processing facilities has made us one of Canada’s leading Construction Managers.

Food Industry
Our expertise in state-of-the-art food processing, storage and distribution facilities is widely recognized. We have successfully completed over $1 billion in food related projects.
Click here to learn more about our Food Sector experience.

we areStuart Olson. Building quality into everything we do.

“IBI has worked with Stuart Olson on several projects. They have demonstrated their ability to work towards meeting all project objectives. Stuart Olson has been a team player.”
Peter Bull, Director
IBI Architecture | Gordon Food Services Edmonton Facility